GRUMBLE: Sex Clown Saves The World

Cabaret • Performance Art
Are you Betty to Grumble?

Your favourite Sex Clown brings her seminal vibrations and shamanic striptease back to Adelaide Fringe.

Meet Betty Grumble, Surreal Showgirl, Obscene Beauty Queen and Wild Woman.

Experience her feminist cabaret of deep disco dissent and ecosexual adventure. Cause if it wasn't so serious she wouldn't be laughing so hard!

Underbelly Edinburgh Award 2016

★★★★★ "Grotesque and gorgeous...Part theatre, part comedy, part dance, part sordid burlesque and a whole lot of social commentary." - Great Scott.

★★★★ "Shatters the barriers of conventional cabaret... A true virtuoso." - Broadway Baby.

★★★★ "A venus fly trap for the male gaze..." - To Do List .

★★★★ "Not for the faint of heart...You've been transported to a wild place."- The Skinny.

"It's a strange beauty to find a performing artist where every scene of their show is A-grade in its artistry, hilarity and political message..." - QX Magazine.

Presented by: Don’t Be Lonely

Surreal Showgirl. Obscene Beauty Queen. Sex Clown. With ceremonial precision and deranged wit, Performance Artist BETTY GRUMBLE enslaves her audience with a powerful call to arms as she raptures in the complexity of the woman body as a political site with her special brand of shamanic storytelling and deep disco dissent. A maniacal feminist contagion and heaving ecosexual, her award winning work has been critically lauded across the board. From the polished stages of Belvoir St Theatre and Sydney Opera House, to the swampy dens of Sydney’s Queer Underground, the reception of her relentless persona is unanimous- BETTY GRUMBLE is WOMAN. Hear her ROAR. Are you Betty to Grumble? "Shatters the barriers of conventional cabaret... A true virtuoso." - Broadway Baby