Grossed Out Game Show

• Comedy

Grossed Out Game Show is riotously noisy fun for kids aged 5-13 years. A live, interactive game show where two celebrity captains lead their half of the audience in a battle of physical challenges and trivial absurdities in order to win! The goal: win the challenges to earn litres of slime! The result: two dripping celebrities and a laughing audience! The team that wins more, slimes more! Winner Best Kids Show, Sydney Fringe 2013. Note, good clean fun for the whole family, no audience members get slimed... Only the team captain.

"Winner of Best Kids Show" Sydney Fringe

"Critics Choice" Edinburgh Time Out

★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser

★★★★ Broadway Baby

"A masterclass in audience interaction" Herlad Sun

"The only thing that's predictable is that you are going to have fun" In Daily

Presented by: Funtime Kids