Granny Flaps holding her ukulele looking sassy at the camera
Granny flaps holding her ukulele looking serious at the camera
Granny flaps holding her ukulele looking serious at the camera

Granny Flaps - Up The Octave

Comedy • Cabaret
South Australia

Award winning comedian Granny Flaps is back and looking forward to taking it up the octave! With some new Granny insights and songs plus some of the old favourites this is a must see of the Fringe this year. 
“Granny Flaps is not your typical Granny! Expect lewd language and risqué topics, but if you're up for that, then get ready for an hour of jam-packed laughter.” Weekend Notes.

Granny is also packing up her uke and heading to a town near you, so book your tickets fast and get ready for some sore cheeks!

Presented by: Lori Bell

"Lori Bell is an exemplary club comedian with a confident stage presence, a vast repertoire of jokes, and an infectious enthusiasm which allows her to bring the audience all the way along for the ride."

Lori’s comedy career has seen her collect a stack of awards including an Adelaide Fringe Award, as well as being a three time winner of both the Adelaide Comedy People’s Choice and Host of the Year. She also performs as her comedy alter ego Granny Flaps, where she has toured Australia with Puppetry of the Penis, played at Big Day Outs in Melbourne and Adelaide and even released a DVD.

Lori has also works as an actor having starred in the ABC TV series Lost in Pronunciation, toured with State Theatre, and won a Melbourne Greenroom Award.