Comedian in t shirt and jacket trying to appear handsome
A young Gordon in mortar board and pestle graduation from University in the 1990's
Classic mosaic of Alexander the Great astride a horse

Gordon Southern: A Brief History of History

He was a bit of a nerd at school and he's delighted to inform you he's had a relapse. In this fast paced, hilariously wonky history lecture he TRIES to tell the entire history of the world in 56 minutes, with jokes, and no omissions* 

Think "Q.I" meets "Horrible Histories", with music, slide shows and a wonky tie.  Last performed in 2014 receiving best comedy nominations in Edinburgh, Perth and NZ.

"This lesson is a hell of a ride and never has learning about history been so much fun."

"Southern presents a breezy, bright and exuberant show that zips along, utterly engaging the audience and educating them in a wonderful and manic hour of comedy."

"This is an awe inspiring hour of historical hysteria...a comedy festival gem!"  Keeping up with the Grid

*or refunds


Corrections will be welcome and rewarded. 

Comedy • Talk
United Kingdom

Tue, 05 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

56 min

Ground Floor at The Howling Owl

$20 to $30

PG (1 Warning)

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