Souzi, a white woman, is looking ecstatic whilst singing on stage. She is wearing a glitzy costume comprising a black bodice heavily decorated with large silver jewels. Both hands are covered in black satin gloves to elbow, her left hand is holding a microphone near her mouth but not covering a big smile, and the right gloved hand with diamante bracelet is raised in the air. Her hair is a chin length, dark and curly bob with raggedy fringe with light shining through creating a pink halo. The background is black with pink stage lights highlighting the velvet curtains.


Join the sizzling and soulful Souzi D. Wilson as she tells her story of growing up the daughter of Greek Macedonia migrants, navigating ethnic taboos. She breaks free to discover cultural expectations are not the only persistent bumps on the road to fulfilment. A transformative journey of passion, seduction and strength wrapped in original song. Singing her powerfully evocative songs and tender ballads and backed by her sensational band The Cool Mints, Souzi will inspire and delight you with a tale that speaks to the heart of every person. "Souzi is nothing if not an engaging story teller, whether that be spoken word or through her own songs...And the dynamics of the show– well thought through in terms of bringing an audience along with her to the crescendo!”★★★★ The Clothesline

Cabaret • Music
South Australia

Wed, 06 Mar

70 min

The GC - Grand Central at The Arts Theatre

$38 to $42

PG (1 Warning)

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