4 gods posing in different acrobatic positions beneath the word GODZ

They are in colourful and bright costumes with a golden tinge.
2 gods posing. One is flexing his bicep and is wearing a cape, the other is in a toga like outfit and is doing a horizontal handstand called a Planche.
2 godz posing in the clouds. One is in a handstand the other is lounging


Circus • Comedy

Time to get Greeced! ⚡️

A hedonistic dive head-first into the lives of the ancient gods of Olympus!

Follow your favourite gods like Cupid and Hercules as they paint the scene of Ancient Greece and bring you to the biggest party to hit Mount Olympus since 500 BCE.

Your favourite group of comedy acrobats take their unique mix of storytelling, circus, and physical prowess to godlike proportions. Expect a bodyssey of gravity-defying stunts, true tests of heroic strength and muscularity, and surprise comic twists.

Winner - Best Circus - Fringe World festival 2022
Winner - Critics Choice weekly - Adeliade Fringe Festival 2022
Winner - Best Circus weekly - Adelaide Fringe Festival 2022

★★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser
★★★★★ Event Adelaide
★★★★★ Glam Adelaide
★★★★★ Stage Whispers
★★★★★ FringeFeed


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Presented by: Head First Acrobats pty ltd

Head First Acrobats are a multi award winning company from Melbourne Australia. We provide acrobatic and comedic entertainment for festivals, as well as a range of other events.

Our big hitters are adult shows Elixir, Railed and godz, but we also present childrens and family entertainment.

We have recently moved into providing our own venues and festivals.

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