Goddess Era - A picture of a woman playing acoustic guitar in a field

Goddess Era

Theatre and Physical Theatre • Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

Artemis lived a solitary and sacrificial life. Andromeda and Cassiopeia were punished for being proud. Medusa was a monster. At least, that’s the way their tales are usually told.

A combination of songs and storytelling, ‘Goddess Era’ brings the women of Greek mythology into the modern day, giving them a new power and perspective.

Written and performed by Shannen Beckett and Sarah Kwong in their Adelaide Fringe debut, this is an original work about women who have been maligned, misunderstood, and mistreated. It’s about reclaiming your narrative, having your voice heard, and finding strength when you are told you have none.  Join us for an intimate hour of story and song that celebrates the resilience and fortitude of goddesses all over.

Presented by: Wilde and Darling Productions

Wilde and Darling Productions is an independent Adelaide-based company founded by Sarah Kwong. They are dedicated to sharing stories, theatre and music that are contemporary and Australian. Their debut play 'Delayed' was performed in December 2019. After a hiatus, Wilde and Darling are returning to their mission of producing new and original theatrical works, giving young people a platform, and exploring current issues in an engaging and accessible way. Sarah Kwong has been involved in the youth performing arts space for fifteen years, having worked and performed with Theatre Bugs, The Fairy Bay, and as a high school English and Drama teacher. She has been a contributor to the Adelaide Theatre Guide and Glam Adelaide, and hosts the podcast "Won't Someone Please Think of the Culture?".