Go Pokeabout

Comedy • Interactive
South Australia

Gotta catch 'em all! Grab your phone and join a group of fellow geeks for an interactive walking tour all about Pokemon Go. What better way to enjoy Adelaide's park lands than staring at your phone screen?!

Who has the best Dragonite? Is your buddy really your spirit animal? Will Mystic and Valour ever take Instinct seriously? These questions and more will be explored, provided our batteries last long enough.

This isn't augmented reality, its augmented theatricality.

Not a kids show, but it is family friendly.

Please note that this show is an outdoor, walking tour. As an outdoor event it may be subject to wet weather cancellations. Please ensure you use appropriate contact details on your booking. Any cancelled events will be offered exchange or refund.

Presented by: Funtime Kids

Kat Grey is a stand-up comedian and children's entertainer. She is a member of team Mystic. At the time of writing this she is level 30 and is in 10 gyms.