CANCELLED - Glow: Hand made lamps and lamp shades utilizing hand printed Australian Indigenous fabrics

Scaled fish traps by injalak women artists

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Fabric of Life at Fabric Of Life

3a Percy Court, Adelaide SA, Australia

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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
  • Warra Kattendi - Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Events
Scaled fish traps by injalak women artists

About this event

Light up your life with Australian Indigenous fabrics. Handmade lampshades have been crafted to showcase the spectacular fabrics being produced in remote aboriginal art centres in the Northern Territory including Babbarra Designs, Injalak Arts and Merrapen. Large and small shades and floor and table lamps will be included.

Exhibition opening Tuesday 18 February 6pm.

Presented by:
Mary Jose

Mary Jose is a textile conservator who has been working with textiles through Fabric of Life for many years. She works with artisans who create handmade fabrics reflecting the stories of their cultural traditions. These fabrics can be incorporated into our lives in a variety of ways and Mary's work focuses on presenting hand crafted textiles in ways so they can be enjoyed as part of our daily life.

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