Glitter Apocalypse - A girl with grungy, colourful, metallic makeup stares determinedly at the viewer. She looks fierce and wild. A golden metallic streak of face paint runs along her cheek like a scar.

Glitter Apocalypse

'Glitter Apocalypse' is a high-energy, hard-hitting dance and storytelling performance rooted in authentic street dance culture. Featuring all-South Australian performers, including members of Adelaide's premier crew FREAK NATION, this production showcases the best of Adelaide's thriving underground dance scene.

Enter a post-apocalyptic sunscape where a ragtag crew must fight the encroaching forces of conformity and control. Through dance, our heroes must reconnect with their own truths and with each other to save themselves from oblivion. 

Be electrified by dance styles including hip-hop, waacking, popping, animation, robot, and house. Expect raw, elemental movement to the pulsing beats of hip-hop, trap, and K-pop, buzzy electronic bass, and luminescent synths, all drenched in glitter.


Dance • Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

Fri, 16 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

60 min

Theatre One at The Parks Theatres

$30 to $35

PG (3 Warnings)

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