Glass Town - from NYC - A classic painting of three women in period dress, it has scratch marks across it like it was folded into a small square. In large white cursive font it reads "glass town".

Glass Town - from NYC

Music • Theatre
United States • World Premiere
The tragedy-touched Bronte siblings are an indie rock band, each of their artistic voices standing out in a contemporary fashion -- Anne, most feminist and most faithful, a neosoul star; Emily, melancholy alt-rock prodigy; Branwell, full of the blues; and Charlotte, fierce frontwoman, fighting to the end for recognition and love. A staged concept album that defies traditional musical theatre, "Glass Town" explores familial bonds, grief, and isolation, using the literary family as archetypal touchstones.

Presented by: Miriam Pultro

Miriam is an award-winning actor/singer/writer who lives in New York. She lived in Melbourne, VIC, for a few years.