Girl Talk - Two female circus performers are gripping each other's hands while both are hanging from a suspended ladder.

Girl Talk

'Girl Talk' is an extraordinary performance that defies stereotypes and celebrates the strength of female voices. This show blends the physicality of circus with the authenticity of documentary style theatre. It challenges the dismissive connotations of the phrase "Girl Talk" by providing a powerful platform for women's stories.

From the constraints of societal expectations to the rules set predominantly by men, 'Girl Talk' delves into the challenges women face every day. It's a mission to amplify the female voice, and it does so by drawing from personal experiences, using text, physical language, and circus apparatus, providing a platform for women to find their voice 


Circus • Physical Theatre
South Australia • World Premiere

Tue, 27 Feb - Sun, 03 Mar

50 min

Ukiyo at Gluttony - Rymill Park



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