Girl Shut Your Mouth

Theatre and Physical Theatre
New South Wales • SA Premiere
Katie, Grace, Mia and Darcy are your average young girls. They love boys, dresses and the idea of a feminist future. Everything about them is normal. Except their friends die on a monthly basis. Except their lives are in danger if they go out after dark. Except they aren't really your average young girls at all.

'Girl Shut Your Mouth' is an exciting dark comedy by Australian playwright Gita Bezard about ordinary living in an extraordinarily violent world. When Katie gets shot, she is invited to go to a place where people are friendly, the drinks are minty and no one tells you how to live your life. Her friends, Mia and Grace, wracked with jealousy, resolve to join Katie on her journey. The only problem is the price of admission.

South Australian Premiere
Presented by Theatre Travels

Presented by: Theatre Travels

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