Gin States and Desires

• Painting
International • World Premiere
I just saw a young man
Sunk down on the underground
A can sat loosely in his hand
A bag between his shoes

His eyes were closed this evening
Could it be that he was dreaming
Or did the Metro newspaper
Deliver more bad news

How the ice caps are melting
The suns zooming in
And football ain't ever coming home again
Or how no one seems to know
Should I stay or should I go

Presented by: Alex Mullen

Alex Mullen is an emerging artist from Adelaide. He has been living in London for the past three years, where he has exhibited several times. Mullen has also taken part in a Residency in India, under went a mentorship with Stewart Macfarlane and won a scholarship for the drawing marathon at the New York Studio School. As well as this, Mullen is a founding member of Floating Goose Studios.

Mullen's work sits somewhere between the observed and the imagined. The combined use of observation, reference images, memory and invention, generate scenes which feel distinctly familiar, yet are skewed by perspective and colour distortions. Engaging with the absurdity of existence and playing off ideas of existential philosophy, Mullen uses paint to make sense of the world and his place within it.