Lady in lilac dress holds teacup and saucer with pinky raised and a cheeky smile
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Lady in Lila dress holding a china teacup and saucer with raised pinky and a cheeky grin

gill cordiner pinky swears

“Raucously Hilarious” Chortle

Described as “Piss your pants funny” Scottish-born Gill Cordiner has been cracking up audiences around the globe with her outrageous, quick-fire comedy and inappropriate wit, she is the wild Aunty you’ve always wanted to party with!

Gill is giving the middle finger to what society expects of women, mums and aunties, telling stories of her wild life, bad choices and too much partying.

So come and give your pelvic floor a workout (or make sure you’re wearing your Tena Lady) and come for an hour of wild adventures!

Comedy • Stand-up
International • SA Premiere

Wed, 21 Feb - Sun, 17 Mar

55 min to 60 min

Hell's Kitchen at Rhino Room (+1 more)

$22 to $26.50

M15+ (1 Warning)

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