A healing experience like no other full of love, luck and labias.
Together, we'll turn you inside out- to your good side!
60 mins of pure joy and fun

Ghiathora - An Immersive spiritual healing experience

Physical Comedians The Harry Morrissey Official and Ruby Teys present- 'Ghiathora, An immersive spiritual awakening immersive experience'. 

Ghiathora is one of Australia’s most prolific healers hailing from the Blue Mountains, is practicing clairvoyant and phys-kick with over 40 years' experience (in this lifetime).

Marharlija Taramasalattaa (West Hollywood) is an up and cuming cunnilingus Yoga master and Root Chukra Reconstructor. 

Together they have carefully deconstructed a 55min mind, body and wind immersive session. Showcasing exercises such as mindless Meditation, Visualisations, Chukra expurgating and Spirit Guides. 

The class includes yoga mats, candles, incense and Rack-iee to help you finally reach a higher state of vibrational being.

 Yoga mats and instruments included.


Comedy • Immersive
Australia • SA Premiere

Thu, 07 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

Studio at Breathe Stretch Float

$30 to $35

M15+ (3 Warnings)

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