George Glass: Bradbury The Musical - cartoon version of Steven Bradbury on the ice rink at the Olympics with his arms stretched out, behind him are the skaters that have fallen over.

George Glass: Bradbury The Musical

Comedy • Music
South Australia • Adelaide Fringe Premiere

The Musical that’s way overdue. In 2002, Steven Bradbury claimed Australia’s very first gold medal at the Winter Olympics. Coming last in the 1000m Speed Skate, his opponents fell over at the last corner allowing him to glide to victory. Since then the phrase “Doing a Bradbury” has been immortalised in the Australian vernacular and now he will be immortalised on stage!

Featuring a live funky soundtrack, from the creators of ScoMo’s Sunday Service and Scientology The Musical and Art Attack don’t miss your chance to see the last man standing!


Presented by: George Glass

Presented by: George Glass

George Glass is an art-rock band from Adelaide who perform high-energy, often comedic, funk driven music. George Glass have performed in over 19 festivals across Australia and the UK with their music shows and musical such as, Scientology The Musical, Abbott The Musical, ScoMo's Sunday Service and Art Attack! Their 2019 rock-show-turned-album, George Glass Proves The Existence of God, collected an award for comedy at the Adelaide Fringe. George Glass continue to create and innovate to bring outrageous, musically eclectic shows - check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music or on the wind of the mountains.

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