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George Glass: An Evening With Them (George Glass)

Music • Contemporary
South Australia • World Premiere

Your George Glass shall be filled right to the brim and yet not a drop spilled. Spend an evening with Adelaide's quirkiest funk-rock band as they launch their latest single "Horses for the People." Laugh, cry and rock out as George Glass tell stories to enchant, advice to live by and play music to make you happy. Don't forget to pre-save the song so you can listen to Horses For The People again and again and again and again and again and again and then that's enough.

George Glass have been behind some Fringe Faves including Scientology The Musical, ScoMo's Sunday Service, Art Attack and award-winning George Glass Proves The Existence Of God, don't miss this one night only good time that's sure to surprise and delight.

Presented by: George Glass

George Glass is an art-rock band from Adelaide who perform high-energy, often comedic, funk driven music. George Glass have performed in over 19 festivals across Australia and the UK with their music shows and musical such as, Scientology The Musical, Abbott The Musical, ScoMo's Sunday Service and Art Attack! Their 2019 rock-show-turned-album, George Glass Proves The Existence of God, collected an award for comedy at the Adelaide Fringe. George Glass continue to create and innovate to bring outrageous, musically eclectic shows - check out their music on Spotify, Apple Music or on the wind of the mountains.