Woman sits sideways on a velvet chair. She is wearing a yellow blazer, her long hair falling down her back. She is holding a glass of red wine and looking directly at the viewer. Title on the left of her says Gaslight Me in neon writing.
Wide shot. Woman sits amongst bags on stage, in a 50's style dress. She is holding a fork and knife in one hand and pointing with a spoon in the other, to her right.
Close up shot. Woman wears a black dressing gown and is holding a bundle of cord, and is looking to the top right. The image is dark and light is falling on her face.

Gaslight Me

Multi award-winning comedian Marea Colombo presents her Adelaide Fringe premiere of the highly successful piece, 'Gaslight Me'. In a unique merging of theatre and comedy, Colombo takes us on a rollercoaster of contemplation. Join her as she exposes the inner workings of our relationships with truth, and trash ex-boyfriends. 
“Gaslight Me completely subverts my expectations of solo shows” Art Murmurs.
“An extremely intelligent, insightful and entertaining exposé of a persistent psychological condition” Theatreview NZ.
“Gaslight Me will leave you laughing, thinking and most importantly caring" Theatre Travels.

All performances are Relaxed Performances. Please come and make yourselves comfortable, and enjoy the show in the way that best suits you.

Comedy • Theatre
New Zealand • Australian Premiere

Sat, 09 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

Studio 166 at Goodwood Theatre and Studios

$28 to $30

M15+ (2 Warnings)

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