Garden Melodies - Music notes over a garden

Garden Melodies

Events • Music
South Australia • World Premiere

Garden Melodies is a collaboration between local original musicians and the birds and nature sounds of the Botanic Garden. Immerse yourself in the experience as you wander and discover musicians and music across the Garden or just sit and enjoy a performance at one location.

Curated by Emma Knights for the Adelaide Botanic Garden.

Presented by: Emma Knights Productions

Emma Knights’ production company, Emma Knights Productions was founded in 2013 with the goal to create paid opportunities for South Australian talents and to inspire locals to support locals. The tourism-accredited company produces a range of award-winning music-based events across the year including Sconefest!, Immersive Pirates of Penzance, Floating Melodies, Oklahoma! and A Brunch of Songs. Emma has won many theatre & business awards was a panellist for the 2022 Tourism Industry Council’s The Art of Tourism whilst producing the entertainment for the event.

Emma has performed in many Adelaide (and other) Fringes and curated/managed venues such as LIVE on 5 at the Adelaide Oval. The company has also toured shows across other Fringe Festivals across Australia and the UK.