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Mainstage at Bakehouse Theatre

255 Angas St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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What is that space between existing and not existing? When someone leaves home but doesn't arrive anywhere, where are they?

There was once a time when you could leave one place and expect to arrive at another place; perhaps even to the destination you had set out for. But what if this doesn't happen? What if you arrive somewhere which is actually nowhere?

Well, there was a man – a powerful man – who had left home one day, whose plane had crashed, and, of course, did not arrive where he had intended. He found himself in such a place, a nowhere place, a place he thought both extraordinary and implausible; he refused to believe any of it.

His hosts were expecting him and try to put him at ease. But who are these hosts and what is their true function? And what of the world he has left behind? Will it stand still until he returns? Can he return? What will he do if he does? Or will all this happen again, and again, and again…? And what has a galah got to do with it anyway?

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This venue is wheelchair accessible, for accessibility bookings please call (08) 8100 2000 during office hours

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GRAPA is an innovative community theatre company based in Griffith NSW noted for the staging of many hard-hitting contemporary Australian drama pieces and open-air Shakespearean productions. GRAPA has received several Canberra Area Theatre Award nominations for acting and writing. We strive for excellence in performance, we may be amateur but we are professional in our desire to present the highest quality of storytelling to our audiences.

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