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Scaled martin mor toon 72dpi

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Ukiyo at Gluttony - Rymill Park

Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka, Corner of East Terrace and Rundle Rd, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Scaled martin mor toon 72dpi

About this event

How long is a piece of string?
How much laughing can you do in one show?

Irishman Martin Mor has invented a machine that measures both these things.

This show contains comedy, magic, circus tricks, and stupid science.
Oh and lots of laughing,
and lots of string.

"An adorable master of feel good comedy" The Clothesline Magazine Australia.

"In front of me, an excited row of eight to ten year olds are swapping stories about the last time they saw the special blend of circus tricks and comic improvisation that Martin Mor presents in his family shows. Its an auspicious start, and one that is borne out by the talent and chutzpah of this boldy bearded Northern Irish entertainer when he appears." Fest Magazine.

Presented by:
Martin Mor

Martin Mor.

Martin comes from Northern Ireland and has worked as a circus performer, stand-up comedian, TV presenter, writer, actor, photographic model, and professional bearded man.
With over 30 years experience as a professional entertainer, he has performed successfully at events of all description; from the Hammersmith Apollo to shows for Children’s BBC, from comedy clubs to performing before members of the British Royal Family, from the prestigious London Festival Of New Circus, to family orientated events all over the world.

"Mor is a master of his craft, technically very proficient at clowning and mime, quick witted, misses no opportunity to get people involved, and has this magical way of relaxing his young audience."

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