Fundamental Human Stupidity - A man in a hat sits in front of a garden bed of tulips

Fundamental Human Stupidity

From the beginnings of history human beings have been unquestionably stupid and not just the stupid ones! From tulips that cost as much a a house and atomic vacuum cleaners to planking, or whatever idiotic social media trend has emerged in 2024 stupidity has been one of humanities abiding and fundamental characteristics

Following sold out shows in 2021 stand up philosopher Stephen Sheely is back with yet another mostly funny random walk through the history of human stupidity Join him for some new stories and a few old favourites about the human fondness for doing regrettable or inexplicable things often with unfortunate (and occasionally hilarious) consequences.

Comedy • Storytelling
New South Wales

Mon, 04 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

55 min

Dom Polski Jeden at Dom Polski

$23 to $28

PG (2 Warnings)

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