A woman on her knees on a bed in lingerie.
The character of Lana looking pensive.
A portrait of Lana wearing a seductive expression.

From Russia with Lana

Love, life and the news from a Russian bride's perspective. 

Ever wanted to know what the Russians think? What Russian women think? What Russian brides think? 

Look no further. Svetlana: a dashing, obnoxious and politically incorrect Russian Bride will tell you all you do (and don't) wish to know about your world to date. And she's so convinced she's right, she may just convince you too!

Just don't mention the war... 

Maroussia Vladi brings you a satire which shocked audiences at the MICF in 2023. 

"It's not very funny to be Russian at the moment, but give it time. Comedy is Tragedy + Time." Svetlana

Maroussia, as Svetlana, enters into prohibited territory. But isn't this the very terrain where comedy thrives?

I dare you to spend one hour with Svetlana. 

Comedy • Satire
Victoria • SA Premiere

Sun, 18 Feb - Fri, 15 Mar

60 min

Nineteen Ten (+1 more)


M15+ (1 Warning)

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Please note: This event has had a venue change from 'Hades Hula House @ West Village' to 'High Spirit Bar' since the Adelaide Fringe Guide was printed. The 24th Feb - 8:30pm, 2nd Mar - 8:30pm, 9th Mar - 7pm, and 16th Mar - 7pm performances have been cancelled.