FRENCHY: Judgement Day - Frenchy

FRENCHY: Judgement Day

New South Wales • SA Premiere

One of Australia’s favourite, lankiest & dirtiest comedians, Frenchy promises fans one thing and one thing only from his live shows; laughs!

This ain’t a TED talk, this ain’t 60 Minutes, this is an odd-looking humanoid telling a bunch of dark jokes you shouldn’t laugh at, but do.

A brilliant, off the cuff improviser – his ‘crowd work’ is some of the best in the world and always keeps the show feeling fresh & spontaneous. With over a billion views on YouTube and Facebook combined, Frenchy may be known for his YouTube videos, but it’s on the stage where he really excels. Edgy, Dirty & Absurd, this show will have you wondering if he is some sort of bogan mastermind, or simply a bird-shaped man who’s sniffed too much paint.

Presented by: New World Artists presents