Frehd the Clown: Stripped Bare

Comedy • Performance
She's a renegade. She's a lady. She's festival famous, Frehd the Clown aka Clownie. After more than 20 years entertaining kids big and small across the globe, Frehd exposes the naked truth behind the fantasy world in her tell-all debut swan song. What really goes on behind the make-up? Sex, drugs and a little rock n roll...

Presented by: Notorious Comedy*

The show will collect the stories that gradually paint the picture of a life devoted to clowning and hedonism while the actual paint is stripped away, and with it the layers of “clownie” and her identity.

It will have all the charm and magic of a kids clown show but with a darker narrative made up of all the true stories of encounters. Fairy floss light on the surface but beneath there’s debauchery and at times peril and terror.

This is a life lived in technicolour, with balloons and bubbles, excess and troubles... face paint and getting off your face.