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Forever In My Life - A Tribute to Prince

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An intimate evening of Prince songs, stories and musings with reputed fringe artist Michael Wheatley.

Michael has always had a close connection with Prince's music and art, from the first 7" single he bought in 1983, to performing the lead role in the Australian Prince Show in the early 90s, and to seeing Prince perform one of his very last shows ever in 2016.

Through the music of Prince, Michael explores the blurry lines between inspiration and imitation, the connection we feel we have with our idols, and the grief we can feel at the loss of someone we've never even met.


“This is massively entertaining — anything featuring the songs of Prince is bound to be — but it’s also wryly funny and more than a little bi”
Nathan Davies, The Advertiser

“Highly entertaining, great value for money, Fringe talent at its best. ”
Debbie Shearer, Sam About Town

“The cabaret versions of the songs are performed with passion and conviction. He does Prince justice...”
Anastasia Lambis - All About Entertainment, Arts Review

Presented by:
Michael Wheatley

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Loft at A Club Adelaide

109 - 111 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Loft at A Club Adelaide

109 - 111 Waymouth St, Adelaide, SA, 5000

Content Warnings

Age Suitability: M

Coarse Language: Occasional, Mild

Sexual References: Frequent, Strong

Performance Accessibility

  • Language No Barrier

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