For Unto Y'all - The Very First Christmas in the Wild West

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Main Theatre at Goodwood Institute Theatre

166 Goodwood Rd, Goodwood, SA, 5034

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Scaled for unto y all 2019 fringe advert 800x800 px v1

About this event

Let your mind mosey on back to another time and another place as we retell the most amazing story of all! From the days of the Old West comes this funny modernised version of the Christmas story, set in the little town of Bethlehem in the Wyoming 1880.

In this unconventional telling of the ageless story of Jesus' birth, Mary and Joseph receive the good news from the Angel Gabriel, a six-gun totin', masked man dressed in white. We follow the exploits of the 'Three Wise Men' Frobisham, Prescott, Von Metzenbaum, and their housekeeper Irish Kate.
On the trail we meet a bunch of Lonesome Cowboys, an Angel posse and Gracie the Saloon Ma'am with the whole kit and caboodle ending up in the livery stable!

'For Unto Y'all' uses a great deal of humor but the wonderful message of Christmas comes through loud and clear.

Presented by:
Soul Factor Gospel Choir

Soul Factor Gospel Choir is a well-known Adelaide Choir under the leadership of Musical Director Sharon Raymond. With its roots originating from Christian Gospel, it boasts a wonderful array of individual soloists, renowned for its high quality sound and vibrant presentation, leaving the listener with no doubt that they enjoy what they sing.
Soul Factor has performed at a diverse range of venues across South Australia and Interstate with a repertoire ranging from Country, Swing & Contemporary Gospel to Musical Theatre with their aim to have a broad appeal for all ages.
In 2018 Soul Factor came back to the Fringe with the very successful "A Gospel Shot" concerts.
In 2019 Soul Factor steps back to the Theatre Stage with the very funny Christmas..yes Christmas Musical "For Unto Y'all"

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