Finding Beauty in the Beast
Numerous 'creature' clip arts surround a pair of evil eyes. These 'creatures' including a pegasus, a fairy, a vampire, sphinx, harpy, phoenix, dragon and a vixen.
5 performing artists surround a red pair of evil eyes. Each artist is next to their 'creature' version of themselves, including a pegasus, a fairy, a vampire, and a vixen.

Finding Beauty in the Beast

Step into our enchanting realm, where century old mythological beings & beasts come to life, inspiring imaginations, explaining struggles, and guiding us through life. We invite you to witness a transformative journey, where creatures like the fabled Phoenix, whimsical Fae, & elusive Teumessian Fox serve as metaphors for the mental & physical struggles we all face. 

Rising Phoenix Productions aim to break the chains of mental health & adult performing arts stigma by weaving a tapestry of personal stories & folklore through the art of dance, circus & tease. It's time to change your perspective, open your mind, & embark on an empowering exploration of personal triumphs - join us on our journey in 'Finding Beauty in the Beast!' 


"Adelaide Fringe Premier"

"2024 Fringe Fund Recipient"


The Crazy Horse is not open to the general public during this event. Only Fringe ticket holders will be allowed entry to the show.

Seating: First-come, first-served. Dress to impress. Zero tolerance for misconduct towards staff, performers or venue. Convenient taxi rank, nearby paid parking, 5 min walk from Railway Tram Stop.

Circus • Cabaret
South Australia • SA Premiere

Thu, 29 Feb - Sun, 10 Mar

60 min

The Crazy Horse Revue

$34.90 to $49.90

R18+ (6 Warnings)

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Full price $42.00