Find That Pace - A light coloured piece of wood with drops of glass that have left burnt marks on the wood.

Find That Pace

South Australia • SA Premiere

'Find That Pace' by Jianzhen Wu (Shirley) is a repetitive, sensory, and meditative creative experience with a focus on inner space and reconnection to the body. Visitors are encouraged to respond individually to the environment and materials in this participatory visual arts exhibition setting.

This project is a continuous exploration of Wu’s lived experience through auto-ethnography, phenomenology, and materiality, and is the outcome of their 3 month studio residency at Nexus Arts. 

Presented by: Nexus Arts

Nexus Arts are leaders in culturally diverse and intercultural artistic practice. We are the only contemporary arts organisation in South Australia with this focus. Nexus presents contemporary art which explores, promotes and celebrates cultural diversity. We foster excellence by supporting culturally and linguistically diverse and First Nations artists with development programs and presentation opportunities, engaging broad audiences to experience diverse artistic practice. Our Vision is that Australian contemporary arts truly represent our intercultural society, promoting social cohesion through diversity and excellence of practice.