Circus • Cabaret
Australian Premiere
Eight friends, all top-class artists and musicians, come together to let their crazy ideas run loose. Urged on by driving live drums, they chase from one grand 'FINALE' to the next. Surprising aesthetics coupled with the performance of unconventional feats and a wicked sense of humor result in unbridled energy, further underscored by a mist of fog, confetti, and pulsating lights. Inspired by the sound of the underground, film stunts, and traditional circus tricks, 'FINALE' pays the city of Berlin, Germany its brazen tribute - a breathless, wild, and exuberant display. In the spirit of the show, the audience is invited to be a part of a thrilling, collective circus experience, ending with a drink under the disco ball when the evening goes from show to party.

Presented by: ANALOG the company

Analog was founded in 2013 with the express aim of removing all artifice and developing an independent poetry of circus. The company is characterised by authenticity, high technical ability, and direct interaction with the audience, so as to carry the fun and passion on stage over to those watching. It`s goal is to blur the boundaries between genres such as acrobatics, dance, music, and acting, to make way for something new on stage.
"We all know how it felt stepping into a colourful circus tent for the first time as a child, to be put under the spell of this magical world. We remember the sweet smell of popcorn, the mix of sweat and sawdust. We all wanted to run away with the circus once. Years later we made this dream come true by simply founding our own circus.”

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • A dynamic, showstopping carnival ... FINALE is a refreshing hour-long party-popper. - George Sully, Fest Magazine

  • Comedy and glittering confetti abound ... be sure to catch this act before their own finale. - Rod Lewis, Glam Adelaide

  • This show has it all and more…High level of energy and a state of playful mischief … a well-choreographed spectacle of circusy delight. - Tema, Weekend Notes