Fever - Vocalist and presenter Dennis Russell standing before a white background


At times bold, brassy and energetic, and at others introspective and improvisational, Jazz has intrigued and beguiled listeners for more than a century. Join Adelaide bands The Tunisian Nights Little Big Band and The Basement Sextet for a celebration of this enchanting art form. Featuring music made famous by artists like Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, Michael Buble, Ella Fitzgerald, Herbie Hancock, Nat King Cole, and many many more.

Take a journey through iconic and timeless melodies, rich harmonies and inspiring artistry delivered by some of Adelaide's finest musicians. The immediacy and intensity of big band arrangements, contrasted with the meditative self expression of smaller format improvisation. A swingin good time!

Music • Jazz
South Australia • World Premiere

Sat, 02 Mar

90 min

Domain Theatre at Marion Cultural Centre

$15 to $25


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