Fascinating Fifties

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2 Venues

Fedora's Restaurant at Hilton Hotel

264 South Rd, Hilton, SA, 5033

Lord Melbourne Hotel

63 Melbourne St, North Adelaide, SA, 5006

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  • Suitable for audiences who speak English as a second Language
Scaled fifties2

About this event

Welcome to the Fifties! After the turmoil of the war, the fifties were years of prosperity, leisure and fun - people now had the means, and the time to enjoy it! This was the decade of pop-up toasters, ponytails, and the pill. The television was the new source of popular culture and fashion, presenting the stylish and the suave, supporting the rise of the Hollywood Star, the Broadway Musical, and the Sporting Hero.

Musically, jazz, swing, blues, and Latin rhythms were well-established, and their popularity continued. And amongst it all, rock'n'roll arrived!

The versatile Ikonic is delighted to present a taste of it all, the fun and the familiar. So walk away from the juke box, slick back your hair, jump in the FJ Holden, and head on down to join us!

Meals available prior or during the show.

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