Family Comedy with Mickey D - A man with a Hawaiian shirt and a blue mohawk grimaces to the side. He is wearing yellow sunglasses.

Family Comedy with Mickey D

No way !  A standup comedy show the whole family will enjoy  ?

YEP. that's the point.  Mickey D has got you covered..  He's gigged on Mt.Everest, trained with the UK special forces and won 3 seperate Adelaide Fringe awards for best comedy.  

People piled in last year just to see if it was possible !  2024 will be even better  !  Bring Nanna, your dog, teddy bear even your grumpy teenagers who think they're wayyy too cool. 

★★★★★ -  World class talent -  Adelaide Advertiser

Kids and Family • Comedy
South Australia

Sat, 06 Jul - Sun, 07 Jul

60 min

The Kingfisher at Glenelg Winter Arts Festival

$15 to $23


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