F**K MY LIFE The Show

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Empire Theatre at Gluttony - Rymill Park

Rymill Park / Mullawirraburka, Corner of East Terrace and Rundle Rd, Adelaide, SA, 5000

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Coarse Language:

Occasional, Mild

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Occasional, Mild

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Occasional, Mild

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About this event

How many times have you stood back and with genuine or sarcastic regard uttered (or screamed) 'F**K My Life'? We have, many times, probably more times than we wish to admit, and so we made a show about it.

'F**K My Life' is a show about extrapolating our inner most thoughts, revealing some ugly truths, sharing a little too much, and owning parts of ourselves we tried to get rid of long ago. From trying to find ways to avoid awkwardness following the death of a parent, to navigating love, career failures and the sheer unavoidable onslaught of figuring yourself out.

#FML is embarrassingly relatable, hard hitting, and of course hilarious! Combining circus, physical theatre, original music, and a whole lot of truth bombs, 'F**K My Life' will leave you with a renewed sense of the fact that you are not the only one to freak the F**K out over life.

Presented by:
Maggie Fayne

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