Extinguished Things

Theatre and Physical Theatre
Australian Premiere
Winner of the Holden Street Theatres Edinburgh Fringe Award 2018.

"My neighbours leave their flat one morning but don't return. Al and Evie, married 40 years, no kids. I have their spare keys. I cannot resist."

In a house that will never be lived in the same way again, Molly looks under the rock of a marriage, a family, an existence and brings to light what has been left in the dark. The voices of a past echoed in belongings. Items left behind. Extinguished things.

A new play from award winning playwright Molly Taylor, who returns to Adelaide after a smash-hit season of "Love Letters to the Public Transport System" at the 2018 Adelaide Fringe. 'Extinguished Things' is a vivid, complex and moving look at what it means to spend your life with someone.

Presented by: The Holden Street Theatres' Edinburgh Fringe Award 2018 in Assoc. with Molly Taylor

Holden Street Theatres are the 'Home of Theatre' in Adelaide and are proud to present a phenomenal 2019 Adelaide Fringe Festival program, full of talented artists with a diverse range of stories.

Molly Taylor is a playwright, actor, and educator from the United Kingdom.

Reviews & Fringefeed Reacts

  • What a storyteller! Molly Taylor could probably take last week’s shopping list and make it seem interesting - Fran Edwards, GLAM Adelaide

  • Taylor’s writing is poetic and as poignant as her performance, taking us deeper and deeper into Alton and Evie’s private world - Suzie Keen, InDaily

  • Taylor has a gift for lulling an audience into nostalgic reverie, the joy in the mundane - Jen St Jack, Great Scott