Euripides' Alcestis

Theatre and Physical Theatre
World Premiere
The story of a woman's willing sacrifice for love, and the casual acceptance of her death by all around her. Fickle fates, uncaring gods and selfish men conspire to send Alcestis to Hades in her husband's place. An irreverent and disturbing exploration of Euripides' most elusive story, through movement, music and Irish Language song.

Presented by: Scrambled Prince Theatre Company

Scrambled Prince Theatre is a cutting edge youth theatre company from Eltham in Melbourne, which has performed at festivals and venues throughout Australia. This is their 8th appearance at the Adelaide Fringe. The company explores eternal themes from traditional sources in theatre, song and mythology. Movement, music and ensemble performance are at the core of our practice. Alumni from this company are writing, performing and directing in theatre, film and television all over the world.

Discusses death and the afterlife