Interior of Eulogy shipping container. Two walls lined with hotel laundry cages, each with a set of headphones in it. The floor is a grey colour with yellow hazard lines and there is an elevator in the background.
Side angle of the hotel laundry cages used as seats in Eulogy. Each has a pair of headphones and a laminated sign used as a cleaning sign off sheet. The first three signs have names in bold letters, Patterson, Thorndike and Campbell. The rest of the cages blur out of focus so you can't read the names.
A dark landscape with shipping containers floating up in the air. It looks as if there was a stack of nine of them and they have begun floating upwards, leaving only one still on the ground. Each container has the word DARKFIELD written on it. There are some streetlights and trees on the horizon in the background.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Immersive

"A trippy, sensory adventure” - ★★★★ The Stage, 2021

EULOGY is a surreal journey through a dreamlike, labyrinth hotel that exists entirely in your mind. How you arrived is a mystery and why you are there remains unclear.

Performed in complete darkness, this intense and exhilarating ride uses 360 degree binaural sound and speech recognition technology to transport audience members through rooms, down corridors and into the bowels of this strange and not altogether comfortable hotel.

How your dream unfolds is, in part, up to you.

Eulogy is part of DARKFIELD, a collection of multi-sensory experiences inside 40ft shipping containers. The experience places each audience member at the centre of a narrative, using mind-bending 360 degree sound and sensory deprivation (complete darkness).

Presented by: Realscape Productions in association with DARKFIELD

Realscape specialises in tech-infused, experiential productions and interactive events.

Realscape and DARKFIELD (UK) have been collaborating since 2017 on the critically acclaimed DARKFIELD series - SEANCE, FLIGHT, COMA, EULOGY and Darkfield Radio.

Outside of Fringe, the team are also touring Jeremy Dyson and Andy Nyman's smash-hit West-End production, Ghost Stories, around Australia and New Zealand.

They are also the producers behind Mummy’s Milk, winner of BankSA Best Film & Digital and Interactive Award at Adelaide Fringe Festival in 2020.

DARKFIELD create immersive 360 degree audio experiences at the forefront of technology and theatre.

Strange worlds unfold inside shipping containers and at home, via the DARKFIELD app.

During the performance you will be asked yes / no questions, be sure to speak clearly.