Escape Room Treasure Hunt - Escape the Past!

• Theatre

You! ChronoCop! Your mission to the past was a success, but your time-portal has been destroyed! Luckily you've found the safehouse with the emergency portal! Can you unlock the safeguards, and solve the puzzles and ciphers within 60 minutes to activate the portal? Will you return home to the present day, or will you be trapped in time forever?

Escape Room Treasure Hunt (2016's Alchemist's Lab) returns for its 2nd year with an all-new adventure & and all-new puzzles to challenge you!

WINNER Best Interactive Weekly Award 2016
"★★★★ It is impossible not to be drawn into this adventure. Every effort has been made to replicate the era...and the way in which the clues and messages are set out is astounding!" The Clothesline
"★★★★ ½ If you've never been to an escape room before, let this be your first one!" Rip It Up

The venue is an air-conditioned trailer at Gluttony, with antique and custom-made equipment, locks, and puzzles! Great for team-building!

Presented by: Offending Shadows Productions

Strictly over 15. Escape Room located behind internal FringeTIX box office in Gluttony site.