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Escape from Wonderland - Event image

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Oh cripes! There we were, enjoying a splendid outdoor tea party. We were playing hedgehog croquet and painting the roses a lovely, vivid shade of red. Suddenly, the Red Queen lost her marbles and ran around yelling "Off with her head! Off with her head!" I don't want to lose my head, I'm quite attached to it! Help us escape before time runs out! There are clues hidden around the Queen's garden. Find and solve them all while avoiding the Queen's guards. It's a high energy scavenger hunt mixed with hide and seek! Don't be late or heads will roll!

From the team that brought you Raiders of the Lost Archive, Undercover and Citydash.

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NOTE: You'll find us in the Sunken Garden on the eastern boundary of Veale Gardens, alongside the tram stop.

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Fire Hazard Games


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