An older man with a large smile wears a straw hat with a blue Coopers Beer logo and a brown patterned shirt. He is holding an acoustic guitar in front of a two toned yellow background.

Eric Tinker's Mishmash Smash!

Comedy • Music
South Australia • World Premiere
Eric Tinker, quipster and strummer, returns for his third Fringe show with more comedic songs, banter and waggish rewrites of pop standards.
This time he is aided and abetted by some talented and witty pals: singers, magicians, stand ups. It's Eric's very own variety show!

"His libretti, like Philosophy, are actually brilliant, dripping with double entendres and fantasy." The Barefoot Review.
"Eric Tinker is blessed with a keen sense of the ridiculous." The Clothesline.

Eric has performed at festivals, clubs and pubs around Australia and in his native England.
Eric is funny, savvy and definitely different.

Presented by: Derek TICKNER

Eric Tinker is the stage name of Derek Tickner, a comedian, improviser, photographer, writer and GIS Analyst. Derek moved to Adelaide from Brisbane last year and has been notching up performances on the city’s vibrant music and comedy circuits. He has performed at comedy clubs around the city, including The Gov, The Cranker and The Rhino Room. Eric is also part of The Immature Amateurs improv troupe who are putting on three Fringe shows at The Griffins. Eric has previously performed at festivals, clubs and pubs around Australia and in his native England, as well as in Canada and South East Asia. His style is influenced by the likes of Spike Milligan, The Bonzo Dog Band, Wilson Dixon and Flight of the Conchords.