Female aerial performer with curly hair is suspended high above a stage on a large metal crescent moon, performing a difficult split by threading one leg through their arms while holding onto the top of the apparatus. A blend of blue and red lighting creates a purple haze, as fog drifts up and behind them, which highlights their sparkling blue costume.
Two female performers in silk black and pink pajama-style costumes are back-to-back in a middle-split pose on a circular aerial apparatus. One looks outwards and the other towards the sky. They are lit by a purple and red lights against a dark background.
Close up of a side-Show performer with neon colored hair, googles and black leather lying on their back under mood stage lights, shooting sparks from an angle grinder belt away from the camera.


Theatre and Physical Theatre • Cabaret
South Australia

Sweet dreams and beautiful nightmares are made into this Physical Theater/Cabaret, which explores the sleeping disorder Narcolepsy and its symptoms: Vivid dreams, sleep-paralysis, hallucinations & various other visionary peculiarities.

Come see our aerialists take on a giant crescent moon, giant hanging sheets, and flying bed apparatus, alongside our powerful vocalist and angle-grinder performer shooting sparks to the heavens, plus a few jaw-dropping reveals and fantasies come to life. “Definitely worth losing a bit of sleep over.” InReview 

★★★★★ "Dark, decadent and delicious" SeeDoEatReview
★★★★ "Visually stunning" InReview ★★★★ The Advertiser 
★★★★ “Sexy and macabre...If you are looking for something intriguing, skillful and a little bit frightening, this is the show for you." Kryztoff

Presented by: Big Cl!t Energy

SOMNIA is inspired by our Director's lived experience of the sleep-disorder Narcolepsy, performed by leading figures in the SA Aerial, Cabaret/Burlesque and Side-show communities. Throughout history individuals with “invisible” disorders were thought to be either mad, possessed by demons, or gifted with prophetic visions/visitation from the beyond; Scientific advancement led to discovery of neurological conditions and therefore how to treat them. The show moves from a medical setting into a dreamscape where the protagonist is visited by multiple performers enacting scenes ranging from transcendent fantasy to nightmarish. Our 2023 edition is Co-Produced by powerhouse Big Cl!t Energy Productions, ushering in literal new heights, a larger production, and even more glittering bells & whistles!

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