En Beige

Dance / Contemporary
Scaled en beige af

‘Homogenous:’ of the same kind; alike.

En Beige unveils a slippery world of dissatisfaction, repetitive tragedy and unfulfilled flat-pack fantasies.

They are underwhelmed, sort of, and indecisive, sometimes.

It’s a queasy game with very few prospects.

This piece exists between contemporary dance, queer performance art and conceptual theatre. It explores homogeneity and beige-ness in a microcosmic sense; things we encounter in our relationship in everyday life as a gay man and queer woman sharing a room in London, combatting routine and passion. We have recently become interested in a potentially new identity expression where two people can identify as one. These identity borders are manifesting through this work, which makes it potently gendered and somewhat autobiographical. We are interested in the creation of liminal space as an opportunity to play out our different realities as a queer performing pair in 2017.

Presented by:
The Uncollective

The Uncollective is Eve Stainton and Michael Kitchin experimenting collaboratively with movement, choreography and performance. Our practice is driven by collaboration and working with cross disciplinary methods in order to challenge performance expectations. We aim to develop a space where our politics can engage with and reflect curation, roles and medium.

We create work that has a strong visual aesthetic and a focus on concept. We are interested in how improvisation can be utilised to encourage unpredictability, discovering intriguing ways to connect through movement and voice. We challenge and question one another and our shared working practice in order to create provocative and engaging work.

The Uncollective was established in 2013 and have performed at The Place, Edinburgh Fringe, Brighton Fringe, Yorkshire Dance, Royal Academy of Arts, Agitart Festival in Spain, Lake Studios Berlin and venues in Montreal. We recently enjoyed a residency at Yinka Shonibare’s Guest Projects.

Season has ended


Content Warnings

Coarse Language: Mild

Age Suitability: PG

Other Warnings: N/A