A group of artists dancing on the stage, in the center is a young woman in her 20s dancing in a school uniform. Black and white checked skirt with white blouse and red tie. She is surrounded by 3 other individuals and she is smiling.
A group of four individuals in the graduation gowns dancing on stage holding their awards
Four dancers on stage in the middle of a Dance Battle, one young man is doing the Thriller move from Michael Jackson, 3 girls are dancing near him.


Embrace is 60 minutes of dance theatre celebrating the rollercoaster ride that is life. Embrace casts 5 artists, International Model and dancer Madeline Stuart, world champion dancer Denzel, Kala, Anthony and Jess. All have varying disabilities including, ASD, Turner syndrome, intellectual disability, D.S or legally blind. Follows these individuals as they navigate the difficult challenges that people with disabilities are faced within the real world. You will be laughing, crying, uplifted, & motivated for change! “Re-live your youth as you follow their journey through high-school and graduation, only to fall into an understanding of loneliness & isolation. Celebrate a spark of hope that is only a small step of courage away and embrace the glistening lights of what the future has to hold.”

Dance • Theatre

Fri, 15 Mar - Sat, 16 Mar

70 min

The Studio at Holden Street Theatres

$15 to $35


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