Elf stares directly at the viewer, her face looks concerned, a hint of fear in her eyes. Against a dark maroon backdrop, she's dress in a black cap-sleeved top and fingerless gloves. Her hands, adorned with long spiked black finger-nails rest on her cheeks and lips as if she's seen something shocking. She has red vertical smudges on her upper and lower eyelids - a nod to harlequin make-up - and matching red-pink lipstick.
Elf - dressed in a black cap-sleeved dress and black fingerless gloves - looks directly at the viewer, shoulders squared to the camera. Her hands are clasped innnocently in front of her collarbones, and her face - adorned with traditional white-faced clown make-up (including a foam red nose) - wears an angelic expression. She's wearing a big bright red, curly shoulder-length wig.
Elf poses mid-sneak  - one hand at her lips, the other hand holding a hammer - against a background of draped plastic sheeting. She is dressed in a black knee-length dress with thigh high splits, a red suit jacket, black fishnet stockings and black slip on shoes. She wears traditional white-faced clown make-up with a black wig cap.

Elf Lyons - Raven

UK comedy IT-girl Elf Lyons' ★★★★★ cult hit inspired by the work of Stephen King.

Part Mad Clown comedy spectacle, part Hammer Horror. Elf becomes your own personal Pennywise to make you laugh and shiver in equal measure.

Get a glass of Red Rum, bring your pal Tony and laugh with Elf forever and ever. It will be a Misery if you can’t come.

WINNER: Pick of the Fringe, Adelaide Fringe 2018 (Swan)

NOMINEE: Edinburgh Comedy Award Best Show 2017 (Swan)

"​One of The 50 Funniest Comedians of the 21st Century" The Telegraph

UK Tour support for Aunty Donna 2023

★★★★★ "Praise her genius - and go" The Telegraph

★★★★ “If lovable takes you so far, terrifying takes you further" The Guardian

★★★★“Expert clowning" The Times

Featured on BBC Radio, Dave, ITV2, BBC, SKY Movies & BBC Three. 

Comedy • Horror
United Kingdom • Australian Premiere

Tue, 05 Mar - Sun, 17 Mar

60 min

The Gallery at The Courtyard of Curiosities at the Migration Museum

$28 to $38

M15+ (4 Warnings)

More show, venue & access details

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