Electric Dreams: Fire Escape

• Virtual Reality
United States • Australian Premiere
When the clock strikes eight in Brooklyn, a suspenseful drama begins to unfold in real time---where you can interact and peer into the private lives of eight disenfranchised tenants entangled in a murder. Audiences must embrace their voyeuristic tendencies in this rich and unique interactive virtual reality series to reveal a gripping truth.

It's impossible not to think of Hitchcock's classic Rear Window during the opening moments of this sleekly rendered, interactive thriller. Cast in the role of an urban voyeur, our nightly sojourns onto a Brooklyn fire escape give us a front row seat to the dramas unfolding in the apartment across the street. This cutting-edge adventure blurs the lines between game, film, and episodic storytelling, all while creating something entirely new.

Presented by: Electric Dreams

Electric Dreams is a celebration of immersive storytelling. For five days during the Adelaide Fringe we are bringing you an eclectic collection of some of the world’s best virtual reality experiences as well as a conference featuring leading international artists and creative technologists.
Electric Dreams is brought to you by Crossover Labs: award-winning producers of immersive and interactive work, Immersive Curators at CPH:DOX Copenhagen, Silbersalz Science Media Festival Germany, and Electric Dreams Adelaide and London. Through an international programme of labs and workshops, they develop the next generation of global immersive producers.