Artist Jamie Perera performs live in front of a projected screen split into two horizontally; the top half is video of the sky, the bottom half is a video of the sea.
Image of the accompanying film for Anthropocene In C Major, showing a screen split into twenty three parts horizontally with various images and videos. Superimposed on top is a scene on a plane in the fifties with a couple enjoying food service.
Image of the accompanying film for Anthropocene In C Major, showing a screen split into four parts horizontally, with videos from top to bottom of sun, sky, people and sea. Superimposed on top is the face of a rural farmer in Indonesia.

Electric Dreams: Anthropocene In C Major (+ Q&A)

• Music
United Kingdom

’Anthropocene In C Major’ is an experience of human impact on earth, felt through a live AV orchestral performance that turns data into sound. From 12,000 years ago to the present, we hear breakthroughs like the invention of the wheel and the Industrial Revolution, but also trends that show the exploitation of people and the planet. With humanity at breaking point, what can we learn from listening to the past, and what meaning can this bring to our present and future? After sold-out shows in 2022, Anthropocene In C Major is back bigger for Fringe 2023, a must-see experience.

★★★★½ "gives cause to reflect of humankind’s role within our ancient planet" Adelaide Fringe Review
★★★★½ "Holds time and space to grieve, to cope, to revelate and contemplate paths forward” The Serenade Files

Presented by: Jamie Perera & Julian Ferraretto (violin), with Martin Butler on viola, Samantha Greer on cello, and Shireen Khemlani on double bass'

Jamie Perera uses sound to deconstruct objects in ways that create provoking experiences for listeners. His work explores radical deconstruction, re-imagining and reclamation, whilst challenging the conventions between music, sound and data. He performs, gives talks and runs workshops on his practice internationally.

Julian collaborates internationally through string performing, arranging and recording, alongside touring and education projects. He has performed with many of the world's most important contemporary jazz and world music bands and is known for his virtuosic and melodically charged improvisational style. Based in Australia, his work includes artist in residencies as well as a variety of improvisation and creative music workshops.

Please note: This event has had a start time and duration change since the guide went to print.

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