A single woman stands in a white round egg costume. She has white tights on and a white egg shell hat. She is holding a pink flower in her right hand and has a sweet, closed lips smile on her face. She is staring straight to camera.
The performer is in a long, low lunge, with her arms held gracefully crossed in front of her. She appears on a black stage with glowing golden set pieces behind her. They are rectangular cube drawers with a light on the inside. She wears yellow shorts and a white t-shirt.
An edited image of 3 photos of the performer Erin in a large, white egg costume. In the first photo she looks unsure and a little scared, in the second her front arm is raised in a strong fist and she looks aggressive, and the 3rd she has her hands over her large belly looking exasperated.
There is a black background.


• Physical Theatre
South Australia

Single, 32, and with her biological clock ticking, Erin's eggs — according to a Facebook ad — are "dying off." For $15k she could freeze them, but are there other options? Does she even want a child? By the time she makes a choice, will it already be too late?

Winner of a Weekly Award in its debut sell-out season at the 2021 Adelaide Fringe, and recipient of numerous ★★★★★ reviews, EGG is a hilarious, topical, and moving solo work, from award-winning performer Erin Fowler (Best Dance 2019 & Made in Adelaide Award 2020), and directed by illustrious clown Hew Parham.

Combining dance, clowning, bagpipes, a cheeky life-sized egg and a pulsating 80s soundtrack, EGG questions all things fertility & motherhood in a powerful exploration of how we make the big decisions in life.

Winner NZ Fringe Festival Wellington Tour Ready Award presented by NZ Fringe 2022

Photos © Chris Herzfeld- Camlight Productions


Presented by: Bamboozled Productions

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