Effie in Upyourselfness

I am...

Cheap yet Expensive

Deep yet Shallow

Thick yet Thin

I’m Full of It. Are Youse?

We’re all a mass of contradictions. Upyourselfness is the best psychological shield in a world that has gone crazy.

Right now there's an ugly bitch-fight happening between political correctness & freedom of speech. 

It’s judgement day everyday these days. Paranoia is the new black. And free speech comes at a price.

People are getting cancelled more regularly than a known carrier's domestic flights.

Walk thru the jungle of jargon and the hills of hilarity to find our way back to an individual’s true freedom - UPYOURSELFNESS Of which, I myself, have a PhDs.

“Effie still manages to shock and surprise her audience every time she opens her mouth, which is constantly.” Patrick Macdonald - Adelaide Advertiser


Comedy • Interactive
New South Wales • World Premiere

Sat, 09 Mar - Sun, 10 Mar

60 min

The Spiegeltent at The Garden of Unearthly Delights

$42 to $50

PG (2 Warnings)

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