Effie in Love Me Tinder

New South Wales • SA Premiere
Finding love isn't easy and keeping it's even harder. The urge to swipe right is tempting even to those with the greatest of willpowers.
Who isn't on Tinder? Is it possible to be smokin' hot and hit upon every day and still stay faithful?
"Everywhere I go men are sniffing around me like beagles at an airport. I'm trying to control my animal urges, but this inner beast, this vulvarine has taken hold of me!"
Effie tackles modern day love & lust in a way that only she can.
Don't miss your chance to laugh out loud and see this Logie Award Winning living legend up close and very personals.

"Take your partner, take your best mate, even take your mum but maybe don't take your priest." Australian Stage

Presented by: Banajig Pty Ltd

This Working-Class Cultural Icon and Logie Award winning legend has been in our hearts and homes for over 3 decades. Star of the phenomenally successful stage show: ‘Wogs out of Work’. And smash TV shows: ‘Acropolis Now’, ‘Effie: Just Quietly’ and ‘Greeks on the Roof’ She’s the author of 'Effie’s Guide to Being Upyourself’ And the star of the critically acclaimed one-woman show: ‘Effie the Virgin Bride’ as well as the stage show ‘Star Wogs – The Ethnics Strike Back’
Back on stage in 2019 with her new show “Effie in Love Me Tinder”.